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Curly Hair Do’s and Don’t

Curly Hair Do’s and Don’t



My hair was damaged from straightening so much. Yuck!

If you’re here, it is because you’ve finally decided to start your curly hair journey. There are so many tips and opinions about what you have to do before you start and to be honest I didn't’ know much before I started, all I knew was I needed a "big chop.” I had first heard about the stylists at the Devachan salons using the dry cutting technique in 2014. Some of my friends had already tried what is now called a “DevaCut,” and their hair looked fabulous so I leaped. I made an appointment and was told to come in with my hair air-dried, conditioned hair (with no styling products in it), and when I arrived the stylist answered all the questions I had. I wish I could say I loved my haircut, but I hated it. I felt like my hair was so short and I looked funny, but it was because I wasn't used to the change.

Nonetheless, after a week I got used to it, and within a couple of months, my hair grew significantly and all of a sudden it all seemed worth it. Ever since I started transitioning learning about curly hair has become an exciting hobby, continually trying new products and feeling a sense of accomplishment when I'm having a good hair day. We all must start somewhere, so I've outlined the basic Do's and Don't that will help you reach your goal.



Right after my first DevaCurl cut

Curly Hair Do’s and Don’t

  1. Use sulfate, paraben, silicone free products. Before buying products read the first five ingredients and search them up if you don’t recognize the name.

  2. Pre Poo - This is something I learned over the years from other hair influencers. Pre Poo is a treatment done BEFORE shampooing your hair to help aid against a shampoos tendency to strip your hair natural oils and moisture. I use coconut oil the night before my wash day, but you can use masks, aloe vera or anything that will make a barrier.

  3. Use Microfiber towels or a Cotton Shirt - When I first started my curly journey I used a cotton shirt to dry my hair because it was what I had on hand. Later I heard about the microfiber towel and started using, but I feel like either one will work. The goal is to remove the excess water while enhancing your curls and avoiding frizz.

  4. No Heat - If you need to speed up the drying time, diffuse on cool.

  5. Use Satin pillowcases or wrap - Not only does this prevent your hair from getting tangled but it also keeps the moisture in your hair making it frizz free.

  6. Get your hair trimmed every 4-5 months or as needed.

Above all have patience! I’ll go a whole month with beautiful curly hair and then the next its a mess, and I’m left confused. Go with the flow and try different products until you find what works for you. As some say “Curly hair is not a trend, its a lifestyle.”

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