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Finding your Power Shoe

Finding your Power Shoe

You’ve heard of the power suit but what about the power shoe? I randomly came up with this term about a year ago when I came face to face with my first power shoe.

Power shoe: A shoe that will have you looking and feeling like you had 8 hours of sleep, filled with the
confidence of a true boss lady.

Personally, I feel the ultimate power shoe is a nice pair of high heels however it’s unrealistic for women to wear heels every day to work not only does that sound painful but it will cost you endless trips to the doctor.

I didn't even know I had a power shoe until I was starting a new job and suddenly felt an urge to reach for those shoes. I quickly realized I had worn those shoes on my first day of work for my last job and for any big events we had. It was the type of shoe that made me feel confident, powerful, and ready to kick ass in a man's world.

Here are some great shoes to start with:

If you’re looking for a chic but affordable shoe has great options. This chunky loafer is great for everyday and its only USD $48.00.

You can never go wrong with an Anne Klein shoe and always has designer shoes for a bargain. Check out the Louisa Oxford for USD $59.00. DSW also offers AfterPay so you can Buy Now and Pay later.

These loafers are mid range in price they are from What I like about these is that the soles have a wood like finish to them which make up for the suede. I would recommend with any type of suede shoe to get a “suede renew” product to keep them looking fresh. These run for USD $90.


Last but not least, the Annette Shoe from I fell in love with this shoe from the moment I saw it. Not only is this shoe perfect for work but outside of work as well. The leather and suede combination is priceless and although this shoe will run you USD $228.00, the material and construction of the shoe is well worth your bucks.

Now, of course, a feminist side of me would say but why such a “manly looking” shoes, why not a pair of heels I mean god knows I love a good pair of high heels in the corporate world so if a pair of heels make you feel like everything then go for it. However, like I mentioned before it is unrealistic for women to wear heels every day also my job doesn’t require me to wear high heels, so I wanted a powerful yet comfortable shoe and an oxford type of loafer is what comes to mind.

Hope you’re able to find your power shoe & once you do you’re welcomed to tag me on Instagram or Facebook ♥️ Happy Shopping!

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